About us

Sol&Tierra is a bold and refined brand producing handmade Jewelry for men, woman and kids, capitalizing on a unique and authentic strong and sustainable.brand story.


EST. 2016

In 2016 Sol&Tierra was founded by young guy from Israel; Dor Sendler, with a unique interest in fashion, crafting and spirituality that he got from his parents with 50 years of experience on the fashion industry.

With a unique product and a compelling brand story we are rapidly taking over the world. Our products are sold in over 50 countries through our online store, our flagship store in Tel aviv and Miami, fashion stores, jewelry stores, department stores and concept stores.


Sol in Spanish means: Sun, and Tierra means: Earth.

This strong name represents nature and the way of our life style. spirituality and surfing.

To protect themselves from bad luck, many cultures put on pendants of the evil eye, symbols of animals from the ocean and natural stones.

Many cultures believed that the Evil-eye or any other symbol would help them not only survive, also to keep away any jealousy and bad luck.



We are committed to crafting exceptional jewelry that extends beyond aesthetics. Our creations resonate with beauty and purpose, positively impacting global communities. We foster partnerships with artisans worldwide, from Jerusalem to USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and beyond, to empower these communities and uphold their cultural heritage.