Classic Evil Eye Bracelet

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This intricately designed bracelet features a single bejeweled bead with an eye, an iconic protective symbol, and a simple yet stylish chain that complements the evil eye bead.

In traditional beliefs, the evil eye involves a curse imparted by glares that are meant for only negative purposes.

This jewelry protects you from the evil eye and brings good fortune. It helps you balance the negative powers and does wonder in your life.

The bracelet fastens with a lobster clasp and is complemented by a Sol & Tierra tag.


What is the evil eye?

An ancient symbol of protection, the ‘nazar – an eye-shaped amulet - is revered in many cultures for its talismanic properties. Said to banish the evil eye curse brought about by an envious or malevolent glare, eye-shaped amulets have been worn for centuries in jewellery across the Mediterranean region.

Protect yourself from the evil eye with our evil eye bracelet and invite fortune and positivity into your life.

Style notes:

Wear alone for maximum impact or layer up with your other favorite bracelets to create a stacked, eclectic look. Why not combine multiple colors of our evil eye bracelets for epic protection?



Its simple, understated design makes this unisex bracelet a perfect gift for him or her. Give the one you care for the gift of protection, today.


Handmade with the finest quality materials, the bracelet is constructed to last.


The bracelet’s adjustable closure allows you to fit it according to the size of your wrist. 


Weighing just 20 grams, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. 


Made from hypoallergenic materials, it is kind to your skin and suitable for those with allergies.


Materials: Stainless steel plated in18k gold, white gold, rose gold or gloss black.

Weight: 20 grams.

Length: 18cm, 15cm or 13cm.