About Us

Aligning contemporary design with the exotic traditions of the Ottoman, Sol & Tierra presents unique jewelry to uplift and protect.


Our Jewelry

Handmade in Jerusalem and Italy, our collection of evil eye-inspired bracelets and necklaces for him and her are crafted in stainless steel and plated in 18k gold. 

Each item of Sol & Tierra jewelry is embellished with an evil eye. Steeped in ancient legend, the evil eye is a sacred talisman that shields its wearer from jealousy and hostility. 

At Sol & Tierra it’s our mission to uplift and inspire with our jewelry, while bringing balance and wellbeing to your lives.


Our Story

“When travelling to Turkey I fell in love with the abundance of evil eye jewelry in the markets I visited. Magnetized by its hypnotic allure and talismanic charm, it made a lasting impression on me.

Upon returning home to Israel, I fell ill with COVID. Looking for something to do during an isolating quarantine period, I began designing and experimenting with evil eye jewelry.

What began as a curious past-time transformed into Sol & Tierra and I hope you enjoy being part of our journey as much as I have.”

Dor Sendler

Sol & Tierra Founder